Gas fires scotland?

Frederique Cruickshank asked a question: Gas fires scotland?
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👉 Are electric fires as warm as gas fires?

Heat Output

Many people ask us whether electric fires are as warm as gas fires. While they do heat up a small to medium sized room nicely, electric fires usually have maximum heat output of 2kW. Gas fires, meanwhile, can offer twice as much heat.

👉 Artisan gas fires?

Artisan's range of gas fires include: 3kw gas fires, hearth mounted gas fires, open fronted gas fires, contemporary gas fires or traditional gas fires

👉 Eko gas fires?

ekofires, a source of greener heat. Our sympathetic philosophy and sustainable attitude means that we are committed to creating fires which have less environmental impact. Our new range of fires are kinder to the environment, more efficient and cost a lot less to run. Call for advice on 01202 588638 Lines open 8.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

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Gas fires are a great option for when you want great heat output and high efficiency, with some products now offering 100% heat efficiency. Much easier to control than ever before there are options for manual, slide or even remote control.

Fireplace World Glasgow is Scotland's No.1 place for gas fires, electric fires, stove fires and fuel efficient fires. Visit our showroom in Bothwell, Glasgow to see our huge range of fires today!

Gas Fires. For those who like the convenience of gas we can offer a range of fires from Bodart and Gonay, Jotul and Jetmaster, and now two stoves from Chesney. The Jetmaster range are either coal fires in open convector boxes which are often mistaken for real fires, the Jetbox, Gas Conversion, or Radiant Gas.

We have a wide range of Wood Burners, Electric Fires and Gas Fires on show and our fitting teams work the length and breadth of Scotland. We design and manufacture all our own Fire surrounds in our Glasgow factory and we offer a Bespoke service and can make your Fireplace unique to you in the Style, Size and Material of your choice.

Fireplace Scotland offers a home for fireplaces within the heart of Glasgow’s West End. Spread across 2 showrooms our large range includes custom and readymade fireplaces. Our experience brings together knowing great quality fireplaces whilst getting them installed for you as quickly as possible. Our 2 showrooms offer contrasting ranges.

We sell gas fires, electric fires and woodburning stoves from our two showrooms in Hillington, Glasgow and Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. We have many years of experience in design, manufacture and installation and can offer a complete service to our customers. In our Hillington factory, we manufacture top quality stone, marble and timber fireplaces.

Firestorm supply, fit and service gas and electric fires, fireplaces and solid fuel stoves. Find the fireplace of your dreams in timber, stone or cast iron. Or ask our friendly staff for advice on energy efficiency or changing to a solid fuel fire.

Are you looking for a fireplace, a stove or a cooker and live in the Highlands of Scotland? Our family run showroom is here to help, with a wide range of solid fuel, wood, gas and electric products we're sure to have what you're looking for! Contemporary Stoves. Fireplaces. Special Offers.

Fireplace World Glasgow has a wide range of exceptional gas fires from the leading World and European brand names to suit every taste and budget. Whether you are looking for something contemporary or a more traditional gas fire, with over 60 live displays in our Glasgow showroom, we are sure you will find a fireplace to your liking.

FROM SCOTLAND’S LARGEST FIREPLACE GROUP. At Fireside we offer a wide range of Gas Fires that will fit within any home, Traditional fires to Ultra modern fires that can be used as room dividers. Our fires are all High Efficiency and will cut down on running costs and heat loss when replacing existing fires. All come with full manufactures warranty.

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Genesis gas fires?

Genesis Gas Coal Fires have set the benchmark for fire safety standards in Australia. Designed to comply with demanding US and European safety standards, the Genesis is a world class leader, using state of the art Flame Supervision Technology that is guaranteed to give you peace of mind.

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Logic gas fires?

There are three different gas fires in the Gazco Logic family to choose from: the Logic Hotbox, Logic Convector or the Logic HE Glass fronted. The Hotbox and Convector gas fires are both open fronted and are suitable for all chimney types. The HE Glass fronted model is high efficiency and gives you all the heat without using as much gas.

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Lpg gas fires?

Once lit, a propane gas fire works similar to a natural gas fire – you can control the heat by simply adjusting the control knob. As for your chimney, the requirements for LPG gas fires don’t differ from ‘normal’ gas fires – you can choose from full depth gas fires, slimline gas fires, balanced flue gas fires and flueless gas fires.

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Mains gas fires?

Browse our full Main gas fires range. Heating Spares Centre - dedicated to bringing you the best quality heating spares at the lowest prices. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. If you want to

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Plumbworld gas fires?

Gas fires will have an incombustible set of “logs” with tiny gas vents littered across them. These will provide you with ample heat while giving the effect of a real log fire. These fires will even help to reduce your monthly heating bill by allowing you to heat just one room of the house, a particularly good idea if your family tends to congregate in the lounge. Inset gas fires can be ...

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Tunnel gas fires?

  • These gas fires have different fuel bed options for instance log set, white stones and glass anthracite. The tunnel gas fires offered by Banyo are manufactured by the well renowned and popular brands in the UK and the popular one of them is some of them DRU Fires.

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Used gas fires?

Gas Fires. All modern gas fires emit zero smoke and any waste gases produced are vented outside using a flue that goes through the wall. Gas fires often consist of “logs” covered in small gas vents which don’t actually burn but still provide convective and radiant heat. Gas fires that function like this are an excellent way to reduce your heating ...

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Which electric fires?

Dimplex has been at the forefront of electric fire design last decade with the Opti-Myst effect simulates both flames and smoke, and more recently the world's most realistic electric fire the Opti V the effect which combines a realistic flickering flame with three-dimensional LED blogs sporadically sparks with audio of crackling logs.

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Are gas fires more cost-effective than electric fires?

  • When comparing the two designs, gas fires are typically a more cost-effective option than electric fires as they can heat an entire room using less energy, saving you a significant amount on your energy bills.

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Gas apprenticeships scotland?

Apprenticeships and Trainee Programmes. At ScottishPower, we’re focused on playing our part. We’re committed to speeding up the transition to cleaner electric transport, improving air quality and over time, driving down bills - to deliver a better future, quicker for everyone. We know that people are central to helping us realise this vision and we ...

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Gas jobs scotland?

Fostering diversity and inclusion is at the heart of everything we do: find out how we're attracting and retaining a more diverse workforce. View Diversity and inclusion.

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Are electric fires noisy?

There’s also a great range of electric fires, from the traditionally-styled to ones with a more modern, sleek look. However, it’s good to be aware for subtle differences in the builds of certain electric fires. Some models will have fans in them, which can make a noise.

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Are gas fires illegal?

We have just purchased two good condition gas fires, a CORGI reg installer came round and said he would not touch them as it is illegal to do such a thing due to it …

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Chesney's alchemy gas fires?

Alchemy Coal Effect DFE Gas Fire. Alchemy Coal effect gas burners offer uniquely captivating and realistic looking fires which can be used in Chesneys extensive range of fire baskets and register grates. Available in manually operated or fully remote controlled options. Prices shown do not include the fire basket, this is shown for illustration ...

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Coal and gas fires?

inset gas fires log effect gas fires

  • Self-ignited, naturally occurring coal fires and fires result-ing from human activities persist for decades in underground coal mines, coal waste piles, and unmined coal beds. These uncontrolled coal fires occur in all coal-bearing parts of the world (Stracher, 2007) and pose multiple threats to the global environment because they emit greenhouse gases—carbon dioxide (CO2), and methane (CH4)—as well as mercury (Hg), carbon monoxide (CO), and other toxic substances (fig. 1). The contribution of...

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Crosslee plc gas fires?

A FIRM making tumble driers, food trolleys and gas and electric fires today marks 25 years in business. Hipperholme-based Crosslee plc has been a major employer in Calderdale for a quarter of a century. And the company, established in 1986, is one of the few remaining British manufacturers of tumble driers.

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Dual aspect gas fires?

Dual aspect fireplaces are stunning, modern centrepieces to make your home different… Element4 Fires Lotus Fires Gazco Studio Gas Fire. For free quotations and home visits, Call us today 0114 467 0376. Gas Safe approved in-house engineers Over 35 years experience Free ample ...

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Efficient gas fires forum?

Gas fires are seen as more efficient to run than their electric counterparts, and they also give out more heat. Plus, they can give a more realistic glow to the room for a characteristic feel. It is also easier to manage gas than multi-fuel or wood, for a cleaner atmosphere and less mess to clear up.

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Eko gas fires prices?

Price - High to Low. Eko Fires 1060 Electric Fire. £234.95. In Stock 3 - 5 Working Days. Add to Compare. Eko Fires 3010 Inset Gas Fire. £249.95. In Stock 3 - 5 Working Days. Add to Compare.

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Eko gas fires today?

Eko Fires Ultra Efficient Gas or Electric Fires. Relax and enjoy our fires in an aesthetic ambiance designed to warm your Heart and soul We are pleased to introduce a revolutionary collection of gas and electric fires combining stylish design and inovative technology from ekofires, This exciting range has something for everyone, iconic fire solutions from ekofires that can be personalised with ...

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