Why is my electric razor rusting?

Mekhi Kub asked a question: Why is my electric razor rusting?
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Most modern razors have a coating to prevent rusting, if not arrest it completely. So these steps are just the ones I use for my grandfather's vintage Straight Razor. Step 1. Wash and dry the razor. Making sure it is free of hair and dry to the touch. Make sure to clean between the handle(if applicable) as well. Step 2

Can you use a rusty electric razor? The answer is, no matter it is the cutter head or the cutter mesh foil gets rusty, the shaver should not to be used any longer. This is because the shaver during use may easily scratch the skin, and once the rust gets into the skin, it can cause wound infections and even tetanus.

Rust forms on razor blades when water sits on the metal, causing it to oxidize. Once a razor blade rusts, it quickly becomes dull, which can result in nicks and cuts during shaving. Keep your razor blade from rusting by taking simple measures after each use.

When razor blades are exposed to moisture for extended amounts of time, oxidation occurs. This causes rust to form on the metal. Most people toss their razors out once rust forms, but you can actually remove that rust and use your razor blades safely for much longer.

Why does my razor rust so quickly? One thing that wears down your razors: the soapy products you use to lather up your skin. "Most blades are coated with teflon, so residue from shaving creams can dissolve the coating and lead to the weakening and rusting of the blades," says Davidov. Clogged razors can also result in a less smooth shave.

But I noticed something, rust. Way too soon for a razor to be rusting. I have gone through at least 10-12 blades in the matter of a few months. It may be my fault that I leave them in my shower rack, however, with the other brands; I’ve never had this issue. I also heard that Harry’s changed their blade type, would this be part of the issue?

So back to my problem, why were some of my growing razor collection more prone to rust than others? Well it turns out when H2O and dissolved salts (anything for the ocean to tap water) come in contact with stainless steel a chemical/electrical reaction takes place that results in what we see as rust.

5 reasons why your electric shaver doesn’t shave. 1. Your shaver is just plain bad. I know this sounds pretty blunt and radical, but that’s the main cause in most of these my shaver doesn’t shave situations. There are a plethora of electric shavers out there: different types, different manufacturers and different price categories.

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