Why is the electric fan shaking?

Darrin Hettinger asked a question: Why is the electric fan shaking?
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The vibration is most likely the result of a wobble in the fan that could be caused by some loose screws, or a fan blade out of balance. Besides being annoying, the vibration could lead to loose...

One of the most common causes of a humming ceiling fan is when dimmer controls are being used to control fan speed. Dimmer switches were never intended to be used with ceiling fans. Because this not the proper way to control fan speed, you will hear a humming noise.

Mini home dormitory shaking electric fan rota air ceiling fan making noise here s what to do best fan for sleeping reviews and for eliminating ceiling fan noise

Options. Permalink. History. Clean the dust of the blades. When dust build up on top the blades gets thick, it can throw off the balance. This makes something rub when it gets spinning fast. You may also notice a slight wobble when the fan is running. I know this can happen.

There are several possible problems that could cause your paddle fan to wobble or vibrate, some of which could pose serious safety concerns if not fixed. Potential problems include: Loose screws where the fan attaches to the electrical box at the ceiling. Electrical ceiling box isn’t properly secured and reinforced.

This means the fan is attached to a box that isn’t designed for the additional load. A fan installed this way could eventually come crashing down. A properly mounted fan will be attached to a fan-rated box, mounted either on a 2×4 with lag screws or to an adjustable fan brace.

If water gets into the fan base, it could case rust or potentially even start an electrical fire. Although portable fans can be a convenient way to cool rooms on hot days, they can become annoying if they start to rattle. Rattling is common in a portable fans. As fans draw in air, they also often draw in dust.

Check for any blown fuses or a tripping breaker. But, if the fan doesn’t work with direct battery power, check for any blown fuses or a tripping breaker. If you find a blown fuse or tripped breaker, the fan motor might be pulling too much voltage. Check for a shorted wire or replace the fan motor.

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