Why was the electric cash register invented?

Emmet Fadel asked a question: Why was the electric cash register invented?
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Kettering invented an easy credit approval system, a precursor to today's credit cards, and the electric cash register in 1906, which made ringing up sales physically much easier for sales clerks. Kettering distinguished himself as a practical inventor.

The inventor Charles F. Kettering in 1906 designed a cash register with an electric motor. A cash register or till is an electronic or mechanical device which is used for recording sales transactions, calculating and has a drawer for storing cash.

After reading a description of the cash register designed by Ritty and sold by the National Manufacturing Company, John H. Patterson decided to buy both the company and the patent. He renamed the company the National Cash Register Company in 1884. Patterson improved the cash register by adding a paper roll to record sales transactions.

On January 30, 1883, James Ritty, a saloonkeeper in Dayton, Ohio, and John Birch received a patent for inventing the cash register. James Ritty invented what was nicknamed the "Incorruptible Cashier" or the first working, mechanical cash register. The machine used metal taps with denominations pressed into them to indicate the amount of the sale.

The Ritty brothers patented an improved form of this cash register in 1878. In their first commercial model, sold as “Ritty’s Incorruptible Cashier,” they replaced the recording mechanism with a paper tape, and introduced pop-up numbers to indicate sales. Finding few customers, they sold their rights to the machine 1881.

Also pen and paper were the conventional modes of carrying out monetary calculations. But as times got modernized and the technology took an upward leap in terms of efficiency, the manufacture of such cash registers was initiated. These registers became an instant hit among the general people and started to be employed all around.

Inventions Begin . Kettering began working at a research laboratory at National Cash Register. He invented an easy credit approval system, a precursor to today's credit cards, and the electric cash register, which made ringing up sales physically much easier for sales clerks all over the country. During his five years at NCR, from 1904 to 1909, Kettering earned 23 patents for NCR.

Early in his career, Kettering worked at the National Cash Register Company in Dayton, Ohio, where he helped develop the first cash register to be equipped with an electric motor that opened the ...

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